Butcher Shop in Arlington Ohio

Welcome to Hurdwell, your local butcher shop nestled in the heart of Arlington, Ohio. We’re dedicated to revolutionizing the way you experience meat, with a commitment to quality, freshness, and community. Our shop, located just 8 miles from downtown Findlay, offers a wide selection of locally raised beef, pork, lamb, and chicken, ensuring that every product on your table is sourced from farms we trust within Ohio. At Hurdwell, we believe in the power of whole animal butchery and the tradition of farm-to-family service, providing not just meat, but a connection to the land and the people who nurture it. Our competitive pricing reflects our dedication to making high-quality, locally produced meat accessible to our community without compromising on taste or integrity. Visit us at our brick-and-mortar store to experience the difference of truly local meat.

First Visit To Our Butcher Shop?

As you walk into Hurdwell, you are greeted by friendly smiles of our staff. The clean, well-organized shop showcases a variety of meats, all locally sourced and lovingly displayed.

Step 1: Select Your Meat 

Take a look at the selection of beef, pork, lamb, and chicken. Our butchers will guide you through the different cuts available, ensuring you find the perfect option for your meal. Our butchers will do their best to accommodate requests for specific cuts, such as a certain steak thickness or special trim.

Step 2: Additional Products 

In addition to our meat, we also carry a variety of locally made goods and craft brews. These items pair excellently with our meats and add an extra touch to your dining experience. So don’t forget to check out our selection of locally made goods and craft brews!

Step 3: Ready to Checkout! 

When you’re ready to check out, let the butcher know what you’d like to purchase. They’ll wrap your meats in vacuum packages to ensure freshness and quality until you’re ready to cook. At the cashier, pay for your items.

Hurdwell offers competitive pricing, making high-quality, locally produced meat accessible to everyone. Before you leave, take a moment to chat with our staff and fellow customers. At Hurdwell, we’re more than just a shop; we’re a community hub where people come together over their love of good food. Back at home, unwrap your selections and prepare them to your liking. Enjoy the rich flavors and quality that only local, expertly butchered meat can provide. Thank you for visiting Hurdwell. We hope your experience is as delightful as the meals you’ll create with our products. Happy cooking!

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We're Open: Monday – Friday 10am – 6pm
Saturday 9am to 4pm
Sunday: Closed